You can watch Video Research Briefings and video interviews produced by Interactive Media Strategies in the past few years by clicking on the video screenshots below.

Many of the video briefings we have created have been produced on behalf of our partner organizations, sponsors and clients, including TalkPoint, 3Play Media, ReelSEO, Flimp Media, the Web Video Marketing Council and others. Video Research Briefings highlight key results and findings from our research studies and online surveys, such as the Business Video Communications research study of 400+ business professionals, and the Video Production Professionals survey of more than 300 video producers, marketing professionals and content marketers.



Watch the two-part Video Research Briefing on video best practices for leveraging online video transcripts and captioning. Featuring an interview by Paul Ritter with Shannon Murphy in a video series sponsored by 3Play Media.

Video Best Practices - Video Captions Part One