Research Services

Research Studies

Interactive Media Strategies conducts research studies on a number of issues related to online video technologies, services, activities and viewing preferences. Several of our research studies in the past few years include:

  • Business Video Communications – Watch the Video Research Briefing
  • Video Production Professionals
  • Online Video and Social Media
  • Consumer Video and Mobile Devices



Our research studies provide firms across the industry with extensive insights and market analysis on the use, spending and deployment of video technologies, platforms and services. We also cover a range of consumer applications and market trends for online video viewing, video editing, and purchasing behaviors including both online activities and those using mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

Research Reports

Over the past decade, IMS has published more than 100 research reports. In addition, we have partnered with numerous organizations to conduct special research projects to compile insights from users of video technologies as well as online video viewers.



Video Research Briefings

Our research analysts have produced dozens of Video Research Briefings highlighting key insights from our research studies or featuring video interviews with industry experts, solution providers or other thought leaders.




White Papers

IMS has published a number of custom White Papers on key research findings from our research studies. These publications have been produced for clients including Brightcove, Mixmoov, Media Publisher, Qumu, Kontiki and other industry firms.



Custom Research Projects

We can work with your organization to develop a custom research study or to field a custom online survey to compile insights on user preferences, evaluation criteria for video technologies or solutions, online video viewing behaviors, and other important metrics and market research insights your company may require.