Business Video Expo – Video Interviews

Paul Ritter with Interactive Media Strategies discusses several of the winners of the Excellence in Enterprise Video Awards presented at the Business Video Expo. He highlights innovative video initiatives that GM and Safeway have been pursuing to reach large globally dispersed audiences.

Jim Byrne, formerly with KIT digital, discusses an innovative video application that the Humane Society used on their website to enable users to share the video with others. Adding the share button helped increase viewership more than 8-fold, and helped to increase donations to the Humane Society.

Nicole Fraley with Office Depot discusses the innovative ways that the retailer produces thousands of online videos for highlighting the company’s products and for customizing videos dynamically on-the-fly for its re-marketing programs.  She explains how these video initiatives are driving a very positive ROI for the company. Nicole was presented with the IMS EEVA award in recognition of her organization’s video innovations.

Deno Hairston from AT&T explains how the company enhances its customer experiences by enabling them to view a video bill that renders information about their charges, services and usage by means of a video explanation. He outlines some of the positive results the firm has achieved with this innovative video initiative.  Deno was on hand at the Business Video Expo to receive the IMS EEVA award presented to AT&T.

Gregg Moss from Bank of America discusses how his organization is able to distribute live video broadcasts to more than 30,000 globally dispersed employees, right to their desktops. The company wanted to expand beyond the use of their existing satellite network, which was not accessible to all employees and all locations around the world.

Dan Pryor from Safeway discusses the many ways the company is using video to reach 185,000 employees at more 1,800 store locations across the US. Dan was a recipient of an Excellence in Enterprise Video Award presented by IMS at the Business Video Expo.

Jim Dicso from SundaySky discusses the software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology that his firm provides to its customers that enables them to automatically create customized and personalized videos in real time.

Ian Small from TokBox discusses the firm’s new solution called OpenTok, which is a WebRTC platform for embedding live video, voice and messaging into website and mobile apps.