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Online Video Project Consulting for Businesses

As market boundaries between technology, media and entertainment industries continue to blur, businesses and organizations of all sizes are now embracing online video. However, it is still a maturing industry and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for online video initiatives.

Most of the time, multiple products and technology platforms must be tied together to obtain business objectives. And given the pace of change, disruption and innovation, choices must be future ready.

This means a clear understanding of the market and solutions is important to make informed decisions. A trusted, impartial advisor who can not only make recommendations but roll up their sleeves and work with your team, partners and vendors to orchestrate implementation is rare in today’s environment.

This is why we started our Online Video Consulting practice. We are excited to partner with you to make your Online Video Projects successful.

During our years of combined professional and analyst experience, we have worked with players across the online media spectrum such as content providers, advertisers, distributors, technology platforms and system integrators.

This means you benefit from our network, expertise and insight.

Engagement type 1 – test the waters

Usual time-frame 1-4 months

First step projects where you are trying to answer some of these questions:

Want to benefit from Online Video but confused about streaming, codecs and such technical terms?
What type of video content to produce, and where to host?
Want advice on choosing the ideal vendor for a specific requirement?
What is the most cost effective video platform?
How to leverage social media with online video?
What type of video content to produce, and where to host?
How to use online video to support your sales process and improve customer engagement?

Examples – how we can help you get started

Offline – to – Online services
Demonstrate value, build use cases and proof-of-concept
Advice on security, monetization and vendors of new media technology
Online Video Platform selection and contract negotiation
Work with your team and selected vendors from planning to integration and acceptance

Engagement type 2 – chart a new course

Usual time-frame 3-6 months

Wider scope projects where you are looking at expanding your online video initiative or transforming the existing process to improve ROI. From analysis to implementation and change management, we work with you through every stage.

Examples – how we can help you get ahead

Video workflows
Analyse existing workflow/process
Recommend steps for improvement
Support quality solution implementation
Arrange training sessions and create knowledge base

Contact us to discuss further

To learn more about how we can work together, and how IMS can help your business achieve the desired results from digital media projects, please get in touch.

We are open to working on special projects as well, and can leverage our network of business and technical experts for bespoke project planning, custom development and timely implementation.